How To Create A Proper Listing On Freelance Work

Hi, welcome back to the Freelance Work platform created for Freelancers by Freelancers. I thought that it would be great to help you through the process of creating your first listing on our platform. I will take you through the journey step by step and hold your hand while you create your first listing on our platform.

I am going to take you through a 5 step process and guide you on how to complete a listing.

  • Completing Freelance Work Listing Step 1
  • Completing Freelance Work Listing Step 2
  • Completing Freelance Work Listing Step 3
  • Completing Freelance Work Listing Step 4
  • Completing Freelance Work Listing Step 5

You will see examples throughout the steps where we will be using our own business as if we are creating a listing with you ourselves.

Remember that you can always improve your listing even if it was published.

Before you we get started, we advise that you open this blog in a separate window so that you can follow the steps while you create your own listing. So when you are ready, let’s get started.

I assume that you are already on the “Create Listing Page” if you are not then follow this quick step to get on the same page: Click On Ad ListingSelect Your Plan – You will now be redirected to the listing page.

Completing Freelance Work Listing: Step 1

Question 1: What is your business Name?

Right from the bat you will get question 1, “what is your business name?”, here you just simply put in your business name.

Example: Freelance Work

Then you have the tagline of your business, if you don’t have one then skip this part and move on to the next question.

Example: For Freelancers by Freelancers

Question 2: City?

Question 2, “City?”, all you need to do here is select your region of the 6 that we have. They are Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America.

Example: Africa

Question 3: Business Phone Number?

Question 3, “Business Phone Number?”, if you want clients to be able to contact you for quotes directly then you can add your business number in here. Else leave this empty and move on.

Question 4: Google Address?

Question 4, “Google Address?”, we recommend that you add your business address in here so that clients are able to find you quickly. Most often people prefer to work with businesses that are close to them.

Tip: You don’t have to put in your exact address although we prefer if you can, or just add your town or city in there and that would also help clients find you.

Example: Durbanville

Question 5: Your Website?

Question 5, “Your Website?”, adding your website address on your listing will build more credibility when potential clients are looking through your profile. It allows them to look at your previous work and also to see if you have what they require.

Completing Freelance Work Listing: Step 2

Question 1: Operational Hours?

Question 1, “Operation Hours?”, adding your operational hours will ensure that clients can see when you are open for business and when not. You can add and or remove times that suit your business hours.

Question 2: Select The Category That Suits You Best?

Question 2, “Select The Category That Suits You Best?”, simply refers to the category or industry that your business falls into. It is important that you go through all the categories to select the one that your business falls into.

Tip: Clients use categories to look for businesses close to them that they require a service of.

Example: Marketing & Lead Generation

Question 3: Select Currency?

Question 3, “Select Currency?”, simply refers to how exclusive your prices are related to the market. If you service high-end clients then you probably would select “High” or “Ultra High”. This just helps the clients figure out what they can expect when they ask you for a quote on your service. You also have the option to “Prefer not to say”. We don’t recommend this option because then clients could hesitate to use your services just because it is a wild card. People, in general, don’t like surprises when it comes to finances.

Example: $$ – Moderate
Price From: $10
Price To: $1,000

Tip: You can also add the Price From and Price To sections if you want to let future clients know what your price ranges from. This would particularly be great when you use Ultra High as a currency and you set your price range from $10,000 – $100,000.

Completing Freelance Work Listing: Step 3

Question 1: Describe Your Business To The Public?

Question 1, “Describe Your Business To The Public?”…

This is the only question where you will need to spend some time to make sure that you follow the instructions I am going to share with you now.

Why is this part important? This will allow you to format your business description in a way that is easy to digest and get information from the client point of view.

Tip 1: Have a heading.
Example: About Our Company

Tip 2: Write a small introduction about your company. When was it established, how many clients you have helped?

Tip 3: Have a subheading.
After the above introduction, add a subheading to display in bullet style what services you offer.

Tip 4: Add the last subheading.
After the above bullet list, you can talk about the problems that clients came to you with which you helped solve. You can also discuss why your services are different, what makes you unique from other businesses with the same service or solution.

Question 2: FAQ?

Question 2, “FAQ?”, this gives you an opportunity to add Frequently Asked Questions to your profile. This is especially helpful when clients ask you a question continuously and you want to clear up any confusion quickly.

Example: Do we accept credit cards – Yes, we accept credit cards but only VISA’s not anything else.

Question 3: Social Media Links?

Question 3, “Social Media Links?”, you can add all your social media links to your profile so that people can follow you on those platforms if they choose to do so. We only have 6 available which are Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

Note: Google+ will be removed soon due to Google discontinuing its Google+ service.

Question 4: Tags or Keywords?

Question 4, “Tags or Keywords?” – If you don’t know what these are then let me give you a short introduction. These are similar to Categories which are used to identify what services you offer.

However, these are a little different as you need to add them in yourself. So please make sure that you spell correctly. They are also separated by using a COMMA.

Example: Listing Service, Lead Generation, Marketing Services

Completing Freelance Work Listing: Step 4

Question 1: Your business Video?

Question 1, “Your Business Video”, as you can see this option is optional and is not required. This is for the businesses that have a promotional video that they want to display. Simply just paste the YouTube video URL in there and it will be added on your profile.

Example: Our Promo Video

Question 2: Images?

Question 2, “Images”, here you can upload 5 images of the work you have completed or the service that you are offering.

Note: You can only upload a maximum of 5 images. Each image should be less than 200Kb.

Tip: You can use this image resize tool to upload your image and reduce the size of the image by changing its compression. Download them again and then upload them to our platform.

Question 3: Business Logo?

Question 3, “Business Logo?”, this is not a part of the images above. You can upload a business logo separately which will be used as your thumbnail in the listing display area. Also known as your featured image.

Completing Freelance Work Listing: Step 5

Question 1: I’m not a robot?

Question 1, “I’m not a robot?”, for security reasons we don’t want to give AI the ability to take all our jobs from us. So we added a layer to show them we are a bit smarter than them for now.

However you need to prove that you are human by checking that box.

Question 2: I Agree?

Question 2, “I Agree?”, this is merely asking if you agree to our Terms and Conditions and if you want to read them you can click on the I Agree which is a link to our Terms and Conditions. This is to cover you as a lister as well as us as a business.

Question 3: Listing Preview?

Question 3, “Listing Preview?”, if you reached this far then you have made it to the end of this blog and to your listing as well. By clicking this you will now see what your listing would look like once it is approved. You can edit your listing as many times as you like.

Note: To login to your own dashboard if you are not already logged in, simply go to the website Home Page – Click on Join / Login – enter your details (it will be emailed to you) and you will be logged into your own dashboard.


You now have successfully created your first listing and it will now be pending. You can go to your dashboard by clicking on the profile icon TOP RIGHT and select dashboard.

You will be notified as soon as your listing has been approved. From here you can use your listing profile link to send it to clients and prospect if you don’t have a website yourself. They will be able to review your services which would build even more credibility towards your business.

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